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Destination Sites Self-Guided Historic Tour

The Destination Sties self-guided historic tour is part of the Manistee County Historic Tour Series.  This tour will take you to 17 historic sites with bridges, lighthouses and dams. The tour will take approximately 2-4.5 hours (driving only).

We recommend you begin your tour in the heart of Manistee at 5th Avenue Beach/Lake Michigan to visit the first site, the historic North Pier Lighthouse. You may also begin anywhere in the county and jump on the trail. Please follow directions closely, and pay attention to private property areas as many of these destination sites are private sites. Sites and grounds that are accessible to the public are indicated by the       .


Note: the map does not show the route between site 16 and 17. Please refer to the directions outlined between those sites.

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For the Destination Sites Tour, we recommend taking the following route, to best maximize your historic experience with these sites throughout Manistee County.


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View the map and complete list of historic sites in the Manistee County Region.  Select a location on the map, or select a site to learn more and access historic content, videos, photos and much more.


Found 11 listings

Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary

Summary: ARCHITECT: Unknown CONSTRUCTED: 1930s A picturesque 75-acre Michigan Audubon wildlife sanctuary with one-third mile of pristine Lake Michigan beach. Over 170 bird species recorded, warbler and [...]
2890 Lakeshore Road, Manistee, MI, United States
Phone: 231-723-4042

Camp Tosebo

Summary: ARCHITECT: Noble Hill CONSTRUCTED: 1912 Founded by Noble Hill, Camp Tosebo was established in 1912 as a private summer camp for the Todd Seminary for Boys in [...]
7728 Miller Road, Manistee, MI, United States
Phone: 616-644-8239

Fenmoor Cottage

Summary: ARCHITECT: Roscoe E. Harris CONSTRUCTED: 1930 Designed and constructed in 1930 by Roscoe E. Harris, a professor at Lake Forest College in Illinois, the Fenmoor is a [...]
2254 Lakeisle Avenue, Onekama, MI, United States