Join us for an unforgettable fall color season in Manistee County! Check out our latest Fall Color update video.  We will be showcasing weekly fall color updates, LIVE from around Manistee County and Northern Michigan.

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Get ready for Fall in Northern Michigan! Access 3 complete color routes, with dozens of great places to stop along the way.  Explore rivers, lakes and panoramic views of fall color. We take all of the guess work out of Fall Color in Northern Michigan with this guide.  Access wineries, distilleries, breweries, Made in Michigan shops and some incredible natural wonders and historic sites.

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As summer days become shorter and evening temperatures begin to cool, on Michigan’s Northwest coast we look forward to sweatshirt weather, nighttime gatherings around a beach bonfire, and of course the spectacular fall color. From mid-September through late October our region becomes a sought-out destination for experiencing the splendor of the autumn season.

In Manistee County our fall color happens in two distinct phases. While our Lake Michigan coastal communities tend to stay greener longer with warmth from the lake, our inland route shows earlier signs of fall color particularly in the higher elevations. Choose the US31 Inland Route for an early season visit, or the M22 Coastal Route for a late season fall color tour. Either route delivers the best of what fall has to offer in Northern Michigan.




As you make your way north on US31 our inland route offers a variety of ways to experience fall following less travelled paths. Try taking a winding dirt road through a tunnel of trees, slow down and appreciate the unadulterated landscape of our region and stop along the way to explore some of these terrific destinations.

Inland Fall Color Route Status
Updated October 1, 2019

Fall Color along the inland route is showing signs of some early color.  Golds and Yellows are starting to pop along the trees lining the banks of the Big Manistee River! Start making your plans, as we expect too really see the color start to pop here in the coming week to two weeks!



Voted Best Scenic Autumn Drive by USA Today in 2015, the M22 scenic by-way is a favorite route for the fall color tour along Michigan’s northwest coast. Starting in Manistee traveling north, this route will lead you through charming coastal towns while serving expansive vistas and glimpses of the spectacular Lake Michigan shoreline dressed in the best of fall color. This late season tour won’t disappoint, and be sure to catch these great stops along the way.


Coastal Fall Color Route Status
Updated October 1, 2019

Color along the shoreline is still here and there, but colors are beginning to show.  The wetter marsh areas, as showing signs of early color, and some of those "early turners" are in full color, but honestly, those are few and far between. That large landscape of fall color trees is still pretty olive.  High atop the Arcadia Overlook, you will find a few more spots starting to show signs of fall color. Cooler nighttime temps will be bringing more rapid changes in the next 10 days or so.  Start planning your Coastal trips now! 





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Explore the lakeshore dressed in the best of fall color.


When we think of embarking on a fall color tour, often we envision packing the car, snacks in tow, charting a course along a scenic highway, with a destination somewhere north. Manistee County ranks high amongst popular fall color tour destinations in the state of Michigan, but not just because of our scenic by-ways. Our region offers one of the most diverse locations for experiencing the wonders of the fall season from many unique perspectives.

This year, when planning your fall color tour, think outside of the box (in this case the box is your car) and explore the colors of our coastal region in one of these unique ways.

Hiking & Biking Trails

Manistee County is home to 245 miles of hiking and biking trails. Whether you are a casual hiker looking for a short, looped trail, or a seasoned adventurer planning a multiple day trek, the trails of our county offer the perfect locale for your outdoor exploration. So, grab your pack or mount your bike and take to the trails of Manistee County to surround yourself with the spectacular sights and sounds of the lush fall season.

Sunset Lake Cruise

Set sail from downtown Manistee beginning your shoreline adventure on the Manistee River. Charter your private daytime or sunset cruise along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. Enjoy light snacks and beverages and relax while your captain does all of the work. What a terrific way to experience the spectacle of a shoreline painted with the vibrant colors of fall.

River Trails

Another great way to take in the splendor of fall is while dropping an oar in the water and paddling the waterways of our region. With 4 area rivers and 30 access points, there is no shortage of places to enjoy the fall foliage from your canoe or kayak. Don’t have the gear? No problem, area outfitters have everything you need for your waterway adventure.

Scenic Airplane Tours

For a truly unique way to experience the magic of the fall season is from the sky. Orchard Beach Aviation offers private scenic tours by plane of the fall foliage surrounding Lake Michigan beaches, Manistee and Portage Lake. See amber-hued fields and brilliantly colored forests. There is no better way to experience the colors than from a birds-eye view.  


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