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Imagine a sun-drenched day, you are making your way north up Michigan’s scenic west coast bound for your vacation destination: Manistee. The savvy vacation planner that you are, you knew that the region offered diverse options in affordable accommodations and you chose the perfect kitschy little roadside bungalow reminiscent of your childhood vacations. You are ready to create a scrapbook full of memories.


Manistee is rich with unique lodging properties from vintage motels to world-class golf resorts; we really have something for everyone regardless of your vacation budget. Our specialty, perhaps, is our locally owned establishments, sometimes family operated for generations. These smaller facilities may not be loaded with the luxurious amenities offered by a large corporate lodging property, but their simplicity also comes with a smaller price tag. If your needs are simple, compare these offerings before your next adventure for an affordable travel option. You are likely to find a great place to stay without breaking the bank.


The passion of the small business owners of our region is evident in the unique products and services they bring to the Manistee marketplace. You will notice the personalized touch of a home-cooked meal or a room prepared for you by someone that truly loves what they do and very much appreciates that you have chosen their little corner of the world for your Michigan vacation. If you want to know something about the area, just ask. You are sure to receive a passionate story of their love for the place they call home.


In the locally owned inns and lodges of Manistee, individuality is the norm. Instead of making everything the same, as corporate facilities might instruct, they have an opportunity to break from convention and add nostalgic or handmade touches to build the character of each space. The result creates a homey, comfortable place to enjoy during your trip to our region.

Personalized Care

Personal touch is the hallmark of Manistee lodging. Our proprietors will eagerly respond to your requests because they have a vested interest in your satisfaction and are filled with gratitude for the business you bring. Hospitality is their specialty and they want to provide service that will keep you coming back time and again. From recommendations for day trips to requests for extra towels, just say the word and your wish is their command.

Insider Tips

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits you will reap from choosing a Manistee as your vacation spot are the insider tips you will get from the local proprietors about the hidden gems of the region. The innkeepers and their employees are very often life-long inhabitants of the area you are visiting and will tell you about secret beaches, hiking trails, their favorite microbreweries or wineries, local farmers markets, live music, or where to experience the best local cuisine. Don’t be afraid to ask. Let them be your guide to find the best of what the area has to offer.

Free Access to the Good Stuff

What if I were to tell you there is a place to escape to that allows for the perfect retreat from adulting, and it won’t cost a penny? A place where you can get lost in the woods so deep that you cannot hear the sound of cars, but instead are surrounded by only the sights and sounds of nature. A place where you can drop your kayak into the water and find your way to an inland lake, the Great Lakes, or a quiet float through the marshlands. A place where you can spend hours scouring the shoreline, at an uncrowded beach, finding Petoskey stones and beach glass souvenirs. A place where you can sit on the edge of the earth, 370’ over the shoreline of Lake Michigan and marvel at the splendor of breathtaking vistas. Every last spot offering totally free access. This is Manistee. What are you waiting for? 

How to Find the Right One

We have assembled a listing of the lodging properties throughout the county. Browse our directory and we are sure you will find just the right spot for your Manistee vacation. You are sure to enjoy the unique character and affordable options our travel partners have to offer in making your vacation dreams a reality.

The character and charm of our affordable vacation destination will make Manistee your new favorite quaint coastal town, providing the memorable getaway you are seeking.


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