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512 4th Street, Manistee, MI, United States


Upon divorcing millionaire lumberman and businessman Charles Canfield on the grounds of desertion, Belle Gardner returned home to Manistee in 1905 where she took up residence in the large, palatial Canfield Mansion formerly located on Fourth and Cedar Street. After marrying George O. Nye in 1910, Belle and her husband made their home in the palatial Canfield Mansion until it was announced in the early 1920s that the house would be demolished in order to build a more modest dwelling.

Initially described as a Bungalow with Early American rustic characteristics, this home was built by the Nyes using materials from the former Canfield Mansion in 1924 on the same site as the previous house. The original iron fence installed by the Canfields in 1876 still surrounds the entire block.

Stone mason work exists on the northwest corner of the block with a stepped sidewalk that mirrors some of the architectural detailing on the exterior of the home.

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