Overlooking the Manistee River from trail

150+ miles of trails span our county, welcoming you to come explore! Whether hiking or biking, you will find a trail that is just your speed. We have everything from short looped trails for the casual hiker to challenging single-track trails for the avid mountain biker. Whatever scale adventure you have in mind, we have just the trail for you!


Big-M Recreation Area

IDEAL FOR: Mountain and Fat Tire Bikers

Simply put, Big-M is spectacular.  It is one of the best places to get out and ride in the Lower Peninsula. The trail system consists of nearly 40 miles of single track.  All experience levels are more than welcome at Big-M, and you will find plenty of riding to keep you busy for an entire day if you want. Our complete ride map will guide you through the entire area so you can ride with confidence.  An extra tip – if you are one of the more experienced riders or someone looking for a challenge, the 25 mile outer loop is sure to be an area you will want to explore.

Riding the Big M trail

Magoon Creek

IDEAL FOR: Family hikes and beach exploration

Magoon Creek is a natural recreation area with hiking and biking trails that follow Magoon Creek to Lake Michigan. Offering about 2 miles of short, looped trails, this is a great spot for a casual hike and an afternoon picnic on a quiet beach. Magoon Creek is a favorite among locals for rock and beach glass hunting, the perfect souvenir to remind you of your fantastic getaway to Manistee.


Magoon Creek trail to the water

Orchard Beach State Park

IDEAL FOR: A short looped trail hike and a picnic

Orchard Beach State Park is situated on a bluff providing a spectacular view of  Lake Michigan. A stairway leads from the campground to the beach and self-guided hiking trails are adjacent to the park. The trails are perfect for a family hike, not too challenging, very scenic, and provide information stations along the trails. Learn about the natural history of the State Park and Manistee County shoreline. The nature trails are part of the state park, therefore a state park passport is required, which is available at the ranger station.

Orchard Beach trail

Arcadia Dunes

IDEAL FOR: Anyone and everyone! – this universally accessible trail welcomes explorers of all abilities.

The Arcadia Dunes trail system provides the perfect locale for a serene walk in the woods and spectacular Lake Michigan overlooks.  Follow the Arcadia Dunes – Old Baldy Trail, which will lead you through the woods about 1/2 a mile along gravel trails and boardwalks, right to a Lake Michigan observation platform. The views from high atop this location are wonderful, so don’t forget to have a camera handy for a great photo opp!

This trail system can also be accessed from the St. Pierre trailhead, for those wanting to do some trail riding. 12+ miles of single track are expertly carved through this densely wooded area, providing an unforgettable ride. 

Arcadia universally accessible trail to Lake Michigan overlook

NCT & the Manistee River Trail

IDEAL FOR: Out-and-Back Hikers or Multi-Night Adventure Seekers

We don’t believe you’ll find a better multi-night fall trail in the Lower Peninsula. Explore the North Country Trail Upper Manistee River Trailhead near the Manistee River Trail where you will hike your way through the dense hardwoods high atop the Manistee River bluffs. You can also head down to the Udell Rollways trailhead near Big-M and enjoy a hike through the low flats and rolling hills. For the most adventurous, this trail provides an incredible multi-day hike. This trail is perfect for hiking enthusiasts who have some experience since the terrain can be challenging in some spots. 

Overlooking the Manistee River

Wellston Arboretum Trail

IDEAL FOR:  A casual stroll and a bit of horticulture history

When you are ready to wander while also having an educational experience, we have just the spot for you. The Wellstone Arboretum is a short, but scenic trail that passes through a variety of trees planted in the 1940’s as part of a tree-growth experiment. Educational signage along the trail identifies individual species and highlights the history of this area, dating back to the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Chittenden Nursery of the 1930’s and 40’s. The trail is scenic and secluded and offers a self- guided walk through history.