Top 2023 "Fall For All" Accessible Trails & Sights

Great Universally accessible trails in and around #MyManistee!

Barrier-free “FALL FOR ALL” access in #MyManistee

Manistee County is beautiful all year-round but when the cooler months enter and the leaves begin to change, it’s nothing short of spectacular! Home to many barrier-free and accessible experiences, we invite you to explore the beauty of fall in #MyManistee. 

1. Manistee Riverwalk

Fully accessible, the Manistee Riverwalk follows the Manistee River as it flows through the heart of downtown. The South Riverwalk stretches 1.75 miles from the mouth of the Manistee River at Lake Michigan east to Manistee Lake. It passes under two bridges and provides easy access to shopping all up and down Manistee’s River Street. While walking keep an eye out for lake freighters plying the river and delivering supplies to industries upstream. It is an awe-inspiring sight.

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2. Arcadia Marsh Trail

Located just south of the Village of Arcadia on the east side of M22, Arcadia Marsh is one of only 15 or so remaining Great Lakes Coastal Marshes along the shoreline of Lake Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and is owned, protected and managed by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.

The Arcadia Marsh is one of the most beautiful and diverse nature preserves within GTRLC’s umbrella. The new Universally Accessible boardwalk allows users of all abilities to enjoy this iconic property and ensures a sustainable trail, in spite of Lake Michigan water level fluctuations.

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3. Little Manistee River Weir

The Little Manistee River weir plays a significant role in ensuring the multi-billion dollar per year industry that is sport fishing in the Great Lakes region. This is the only steelhead egg-take operation in Michigan and the primary egg-take facility for Chinook salmon in the state. The work done here each year helps ensure a healthy population in the Great Lakes.

In the fall, over 1,000 Chinook salmon can be harvested at the Little Manistee River weir as part of the annual egg-take process. Reports show that the weir is a great location to catch wild Coho salmon in late fall. The weir has a universally accessible viewing platform directly below the weir, an interpretive/educational trail, restroom facility and paved parking with handicapped spots.

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4. Old Baldy Trail Overlook

Incredible views of Lake Michigan and the changing fall colors? Yes, please! The Arcadia Dunes: C.S. Mott Nature Preserve is home to a very popular overlook trail. This universally accessible trail leaves from the Baldy parking lot and takes visitors to a stunning overlook of Lake Michigan.

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5. Scenic Chairlift Rides at Crystal Mountain

Ski lifts aren’t just for skiers. When fall approaches, the Crystal Clipper Chairlift at Crystal Mountain offers breathtaking panoramic views of the changing fall foliage. This experience allows you to see three counties of vibrant fall colors. Price is $15 per day and kids ages 3-6 are free.

Reservations are required – more info here! (photo by @CrystalMountainMI)

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