Camp Tosebo

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7728 Miller Road, Manistee, MI, United States


Founded by Noble Hill, Camp Tosebo was established in 1912 as a private summer camp for the Todd Seminary for Boys in Woodstock, Illinois. Since Hill was headmaster of the Seminary, he derived the name from the school thus TOdd SEminary for BOys became TOSEBO.

The camp attracted boys from all over the country, and even though the Todd School was closed in 1954, the summer camp carried on with its eight-week summer program for another twenty-four years.

Included on the grounds of the camp today are three cottages: the Trunk House, the Club House and the Welcome House. In addition, you will also find the Bee Hive and the Boathouse on Portage Lake.

The current owners continue to preserve the rich historical tradition of this camp by maintaining its original buildings and conserving the natural beauty of its surroundings.

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