First Street Beach Fish Cleaning Station

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First Street Beach, Manistee, MI, USA

The fish have been caught, the boat is docked and everyone is getting hungry for dinner. But first, someone needs to clean the fish.

People using the fish cleaning facilities at the First Street Beach cleaning station in Manistee, MIA station for just such purposes has stood at First Street beach, but it was antiquated and didn’t provide space for people with limited physical abilities. Additionally, the odor from the fish waste was unpleasant and overbearing.

All of that is changing, however. The city of Manistee developed a new system for getting rid of the offal, constructing a cooler and contracting with a private business that removes the frozen waste and sells it to companies for pet food.

Additionally, a new facility is currently under construction that not only provides universal access to anglers of all abilities, but also incorporates interpretive signage that will help novices learn how to properly clean, package and prepare their catch. A designated area is also planned where people can pose for photographs to use as supporting evidence for their fish stories.

The renovations include plans for six fish cleaning stations, a universally-accessible station for people in wheelchairs, splash guards between stations, composite cutting boards and drip filters to make preparing and packaging the fish easier. Motion sensor lighting will also be installed and a fence will be constructed to protect people and their pets who would like to watch the process. Two universally-accessible restrooms will also be constructed at the site.

Site Amenities:

  • Covered area with cleaning stations
  • Refrigerated  waste storage
  • Splash guards between cleaning stations
  • Composite cutting boards and dip filters
  • Interpretive instructional signage
  • Universal access to anglers  of all abilities
Universal Access:
  • Universally access to anglers of all abilities
  • Two universally accessible restrooms
Map/Location to  the First Street Beach Fish Cleaning Station:
Location: From U.S. 31, turn onto 1st street, west towards Lake Michigan.  Continue to Douglas Park

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