Haley Sisters Block

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419-423 River Street, Manistee, MI, United States


The three Haley sisters came to Manistee before the Great Fire of 1871 to start a millinery shop. It was destroyed in the fire and was quickly reestablished.

The business was to burn down four more times in the next 12 years. During 1883, for example, most of the block burned. In the spring of 1883, they began to build the store at 419 River and a month later, two storefronts at 421 and 423.

Upon completion, an iron cornice was shipped from Wisconsin and placed on top, uniting the three buildings. The cornice was described as the most ornate in Manistee. Since then the three storefronts have housed a variety of stores.

Ownership of the building remained in the hands of the Haley Sisters family up until the 1930s.


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