Picture this…a dusting of freshly fallen snow covers the expertly groomed trails before you, the temperatures have dropped just low enough to keep the fresh snowpack on the trails in peak condition, you have nothing but time and over 250 miles of snowmobile trails just waiting for you to fire up your sled for full-throttle adventure.  You’re in for an unforgettable ride.

Snowmobile on trail

Manistee County provides direct access to a multi-county regional trail network expanding over 250 miles.  Just as soon as we get enough of the white stuff to start making smooth trails, a community of more than 250 area volunteers spring into action to keep this elaborate network in peak condition. The Benzie-Manistee Snowbirds maintain a trail system consisting of 162 miles of trail directly connecting to 64 miles of the Wellston Winter Trails, and beyond to Leelanau, Cadillac, and Irons trail systems. They were founded in 1968 by a group of local snowmobile lovers who began grooming the trails before grooming tractors existed. Made possible through local donations and volunteer hours, this passionate group can still be found on late nights and early morning hours 4 days per week, smoothing their beloved trails to ensure you have a great ride.

Snowmobilers preparing to ride

Unlike some Northern Michigan snowmobile destinations, our region tends to have lower traffic on the trails making it a great place to glide along trails that aren’t beat up by overuse.  So, when the snow flies, grab your gear and head to Manistee County for your all access pass to one of the best Northern Michigan snowmobile trail systems!

Need more information for planning your Manistee trail adventure?  Check out our snowmobile trail guide for places to dine, gas up, and stay all along the way.

Snowmobile trail map

Have a strong desire to take to the trails for some blow-your-hair-back fun, but don’t have a sled? Crystal Adventures in Thompsonville rents snowmobiles for a few hours or a few days, they also offer guided trail tours for beginners.

Start planning your ride today!