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313 4th Street, Manistee, MI, United States

CONSTRUCTED: 1890-1891

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in 1881. With the Methodists building a new church on property located on First street, the congregation sold the small church on Maple Street to the newly formed St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

This building was used for a place of worship for a number of years, but similar to the Methodists, as the years passed, the congregation of St. Paul’s began to grow and it was decided that a new building should be constructed.

With that in mind, in 1890, two lots located on the corner of Fourth and McKee streets were purchased and work soon began on the construction of the new church.

On September 14, 1890 the cornerstone for the building was laid with longtime pastor, Rev. A Moussa officiating. By the next year, the new church was finished with the old church on Maple Street torn down and the materials used to build a school building near the church.

As the years passed the church saw many additions and updates such as a parsonage built and dedicated in 1898, a new altar, and the coming and going of numerous Reverends.

By 1948, the school building was torn down with a two car garage being constructed in its place. That same year, art glass windows were authorized and later installed for the church. as well.

Over the decades, the church continued to renovate and update its building as well as reinvigorate its congregation. Over 125 years later, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church endures.

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