Churches Self-Guided Historic Tour

The Churches self-guided historic tour is part of the Manistee County Historic Tour Series.  This tour will take you to 12 historic churches and 1 historic cemetery in Manistee County.  The tour will take approximately 1.5 (when walking and driving).

Begin the tour at the First Congregational Church. Here you will be able to park in the public parking lot at the Manistee County Courthouse/Church Parking Lot. From here, you will be able to easily walk to the next 8 sites (sites 1 through 9) as those will take you on a 1.5 mile walk. We recommend you drive to sites 10-13 as these will require you to travel a greater distance.

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Historic Cemetery

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For the Historic Churches Tour in Manistee County, we recommend taking the following route, to best maximize your historic experience with these sites throughout the Manistee Area.


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View the map and complete list of church historic sites in the Manistee Area.  Select a location on the map, or select a site to learn more and access historic content, videos, photos and much more.


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