Downtown / Commercial District Self-Guided Historic Tour

The Downtown/Commercial District self-guided historic tour is part of the Manistee County Historic Tour Series.  This tour will take you to 27 historic buildings and 2 bridges in Manistee’s central business district.  The tour will take approximately 2-3.5 hours (when walking).

We recommend you begin this self-guided tour at the Manistee County Historical Museum on River Street Here you will begin your trip throughout the downtown historic district region of Manistee, Michigan. We recommend beginning and ending at the Museum, as the experienced staff can assist you with any questions that you may have about any of the properties you have an interest in after taking the tour.

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For the Downtown/Commercial District Tour, we recommend taking the following route, to best maximize your historic experience with these sites in Downtown Manistee.


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View the map and complete list of historic sites in the Downtown/Commercial District below.  Select a location on the map, or select a site to learn more and access historic content, videos, photos and much more.


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