With an emphasis on fresh air and outdoor recreation this past year, Manistee County enthusiasts blew us away with their photos!

Reflect and check out our top performing Facebook photos from 2020. 

Facebook Top 5

Shared on January 16, 2020, the ice formations transform the Manistee North Pierhead Lighthouse! With 3,020 reactions, comments and shares and 1,792 post clicks, this spot should be on your winter bucket list! !

There's a reason this spot is called "Inspiration Point!" Shared on July 13, 2020, this post has gathered 10,297 reactions, comments and shares and 3,298 post clicks!

With 14,645 reactions, comments and shares and 3,584 post clicks, it just goes to show that a Lake Michigan sunset is for everyone.

The excitement around Iron Fish Distillery's BaseCamp has been overwhelming! Shared on November 5, 2020, this post has reached 95,991 FB users. It also has 6,176 reactions, comments and shares and 6,722 post clicks!

Shared on November 6, 2020, this M22 fall color photo looks like it's straight out of an oil painting. It's our TOP photo of 2020 boasting 122,090 reactions, comments and shares and 12,874 post clicks! Overall, this capture has reached over 1.3 million FB users.

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